Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Child's Prayer

Recently my sister (and next door neighbor) and I have been doing family dinners together. This way, no one has to cook all the time (though, I will freely admit, I have never had to cook once...she tells me it's one of the perks of my being pregnant, and I'm willing to take advantage of her generosity). Her daughters take turns blessing the food, Amaia doing it one night, Ella doing it the next.

When Ella says the prayer, she singles everyone in the room out and asks for a specific blessing on that person for something: "Please bless Uncle Travis, that his cough will get better." "Please bless Daddy, that he'll be safe at school." You get the idea.

Side Note: *****When Amaia was first learning to say her prayers, Chris and Connie had just gotten their first Chihuahua, Sofi. Amaia frequently prayed "...and please bless Sofi, that she won't poop in my room."*****

Two nights ago, this was mine: "Please bless Aunt Kelly, that she'll have her baby and we can all be happy."

Okay, so maybe I need to bring the whining down a notch.


Julia said...

ahhahahahahaha. love it. so cute. so funny.
apparently you are inflicting your "get this damn kid out of me" pain on ALL those around you. is that what i'm hearing?well, may the baby god bless you with a birth ASAP!

Adrienne said...

That's so cute. nice that Connie is cooking! I wish I had a sister next door. I would even do the cooking! Shouldn't that baby be out pretty soon so we can all be happy?

Jill Margetts said...

That is awesome! I hope all goes well for you and baby when the blessed day arrives!