Thursday, April 13, 2006

And they're off!!!!

After months, nay even years (okay, just the two), of looking, hoping, postponing and planning, Travis and I are FINALLY starting to build our house!! Last night we signed the paperwork with our builder that allows him to begin the 6 month (at least we hope) process of building our first and last home together!! Here is the house we have settled on:

If you click on "view additional photos" button, you will see an actual house that was built from these plans.

I must say, however, I am going to be greatly saddened to leave our current home behind. When I first met Trav, the house was SUCH the bachelor pad. Only a few meager pieces of real furniture were in there: the kitchen set, the recliner, the bed, and the pool table. While it still has a long way to go, our little house has now become a home, fully landscaped and everything. It was hard to get Trav to budge on changing things, but once I had him convinced, we worked very hard to get it in the shape it's in (though I never did get so far as to talk him into the red pool room and the art work never was decided upon). While it is a starter home and I know it's ready for another burgeoning family to take it the next leg of the journey, it's become very dear to my heart. So much so that when our builder suggested that the new owners could tear out the sod, my flower bed and yes, friends, even dear Harry, our little Globe Willow and put in a big ugly RV pad, I about swallowed my tongue. I may have to consider bringing he and the other trees along to our new house. The man's lucky he didn't imply that the new guy should tear out my rose bushes, or it would have come to blows.

None the less, I am VERY excited to start our new house. We've really fallen in love with the floorplan and have spent several weekends wandering around a house being built that's the same as ours will be, minus the huge bathroom we're adding to the master suite. Though I still reserve the right to drive past our little house, see my trees and bushes growing up big and tall, and shed a tear.


Sandra said...

Yay!! But 6 months? Are you on crack? I will bend over and kiss you lily-white butt if it gets completed in 6 months. (Did I put that in writing for all the world to witness!?) hehehe

Kelly said...

Hey, man, I'm just telling you what the builder told us!!! Of course, they can't POSSIBLY be exaggerating, right? :) Well, the longer it takes, the more money we can save living at Grandma's house. At least, that's what I'll be telling myself to cushion the blow!!!

Danae said...

Good times! Building is so fun... minus the living with the in-laws and the stress of all the other crap... it was the best thing Gary and I have done! We love our home. Granted, you get a real house, and we just have a meager townhome where we still have to share a wall! Lucky you!! (Thanks for coming to my open house, by the way! You Rock!)