Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How true it is...

A wealthy man learns that he will soon die. Wanting to prove the old adage wrong, he decides to take his money with him. He calls together his best friend, his priest, and his lawyer. He gives them each one million dollars with the sincere promise that, after his death, they will place the money in his casket prior to burial. The three promise and take the money home.

The fateful day arrives. After the funeral, the three men place three duffel bags in the casket and watch it be sealed.

After a few months, the best friend goes to the priest laden with guilt. He tells the priest that he has a sin to confess.

"Father," he begins, ashamedly, "rather than seeing our dear friend's wealth go to waste, I only placed $500,000 in his casket and used the rest to help my family."

The priest, looking relieved replies, "I am glad to know your secret. I, too, have a confession. I placed $400,000 in the casket and donated the remainder to our orphanage."

The two, feeling that they could not conceal their "crime" from the attorney, decide to confess to him and let the cards fall where they may.

After hearing them plead their case, the attorney looks at them with great disdain.

"How could you do that? He was your best friend and a member of your flock! You two should be ashamed of yourselves! To steal from someone who trusted you so implicitly! I myself was tempted to betray our friend, yet, on the day of his funeral, I placed a check for the FULL MILLION DOLLARS in his casket!!!"


Danae said...

LOL! Good one! I am going to send this story to my Dad, so he can tell his congregation on Sunday. He is also an attorney, which will make it even better!

Glad you decided to start your own blog! It's way fun.

Sandra G said...

Hehehe...I would totally be the lawyer in that scenario. :)

Great blog...glad you started this girl.